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Top Free Tools to Make Your Mobile App

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Mobile apps are essential to do anything in this era of mobile revolution. The lightweight and portability make the mobile devices a must for all. The increasing popularity and high demand of the applications have forced the developers to develop the most advanced apps. Mobile apps are quickly replacing the desktop apps and creating the demand for free app development tools.

Let’s check out some of the best website development tools for mobile apps.


Knack is a great DIY tool for building simple web apps. You can use knack to develop the apps that work with your data. It provides the developers with some must-use functions like search, data display and customise forms. Knack offers you the cloud based service that you can easily integrate into your website using a web API or JavaScript.


Technofaq is also a cloud-based mobile app builder that offers you to create your own mobile apps. The platform is based on HTML5, jQuery mobile and Hybrid mobile. Appery is very easy to use and develop HTML5 based applications using the JQuery mobile.

 The supports all the android, iOS and Windows operating systems use in mobile devices. It is a visual builder tool in which you don’t need to download or install any other tool. Only you need to know which item to drag and where to drop it while using the platform.

Appy Pie



Appy Pie is another great tool for people who don’t know the coding required for developing an app. It provides you with a list of tools and options and the guidelines to use them for building the apps. Appy Pie offers a lot of useful features that are easy to use and does not require the knowledge of coding.

Moreover, if you don’t understand something, they have a great tech support team to help you with your problems and queries. The team members help you to continue with the app building process when you face any difficulty.




AppGyver is a web-based app builder tool to build your free Android or iOS apps. It is based on the supersonic UI framework and provides a great user interface. AppGyver comes with a dozen templates that you can use to create your mobile apps.

The user interface elements consist of various page transitions, navigation bars, tab bars and modals to achieve a native feel and look for your app. When your app is ready to publish, all you need to do is to deploy it in the AppGyver cloud.

Microsoft PowerApps


Microsoft Dynamics

This is another easy to use tools for developing mobile apps. Here you can create the apps on the Dynamics 365 data and publish the created apps on the Android, iOS, web or Windows 10 platforms. It provides you with two approaches to design the mobile apps and makes it easy to customize your apps. PowerApps also comes with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 plans which are paid plans, but they add capabilities like connecting to external data sources.

Bonus Tip –

Now, you know about some best tools for developing your mobile app. Similarly, you can use a free website builder for mobile apps to create an impressive and fully-functioning website for your app. There are many website builders available online. SiteSonic website builder can be an ideal choice for creating a feature-rich website for your app. This easy-to-use website builder comes with a lot of appealing templates and tools that you can leverage in your mobile app website.

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