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Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For in 2017


Find out what the mobile app development trends 2017 have in store for mobile app developers.

2017, the mobile app industry will swell up to $77 Billion.

Furthermore, at least 91% of the US adult population uses a cell phone, of that, 61% use a smartphone on a daily basis.

Unless you are living under the rock, you must be acquainted to the fact that mobile app usage continues to grow. Mobile app usage is so rampant that each smartphone user has at least a dozen and more apps installed and in use in their smartphones.

Mobile apps have become the preferred choice for users to conduct searches, shop for their favorite products, entertainment, communication and even for productivity.

So, what does the future look like for the mobile app development companies?

Here are some industry trends that are shaping up the future of mobile app development industry.

Enterprise-grade Apps

Enterprise-grade apps are apps that are not readily available for download for public from app stores. They are available exclusively for employees of an organization or a limited section of the population or department. Mobile app development companies like Apphitect are toying with the concept of creating customizable instant messaging solutions specifically for closed and secured enterprise communication.

Enterprises like SAP, HP, Apple, etc. have already moved to an enterprise-grade mobile app development medium. These apps help employees to get things done on-the-go without having to remain chained to their office desks. Moreover, it improves the collaboration amidst employees scattered across a large geographical location.

Context-aware Marketing

Mobile apps do a lot of data mining to understand user preferences, location, buying history among many others. Such context based marketing drives user engagement far easier than any other form of external marketing. According to Apptentive, “Context marketing is new content marketing”.

Moreover, growing data sciences like Big Data Analytics also facilitate understand customers better than they know themselves. eCommerce stores like Amazon, Zappos, etc. have already experimented with customer-centric marketing which reaped much returns. 2017, gear up to receive in-app ads that are more relevant and aligned to your personal interests.



Mobile apps are slowly, but steadily, finding a new screen to reside. Watches or Wearables, they are. Notifications, weather report, caller ID and much more are now seen more frequently on the 1.5 inch something screen of a wearable device.

And, guess what! It is the future and a promising mobile app development trends 2017. Wearables are what smartphones used to be in the beginning of the Millennium. Most of us thought smartphones are chunky, expensive and an unnecessary luxury. Today, the scenario is best left to your imagination. The wearables growth explosion is the next big trend in mobile app development that is waiting to happen. By all chances, 2017 it will gain momentum in 2017.


User Experience

25% of all mobile apps are abandoned within the first day of download. 95% of the apps are abandoned within a month. The root cause is not with the app functionality, but with the app experience.

For users, a mobile app is a portal to a unique experience that also helps them get things done. An app with a cool quotient has a higher chance of being retained than one which works fine but does render a great UX. Hence, the trend to note is the rise of mobile apps which will sport a heavily UX oriented design. The focus will be on enriched user experience than anything else.


Connected Objects

IoT enabled smart connected objects is poised to be the next gamechanger in several industries across multiple verticals. Mobile apps to connect everyday objects like home appliances, automobiles, smart homes, etc. will rise in popularity.

Even mobile app enabled healthcare will get a massive overhaul with smart patient wearables that stream real-time patient data to doctors through mobile and web-backend systems.


Interactive Media Content

Rich media includes CTA widgets, location trackers, audio, video, etc. are more engaging than textual content. Mobile apps that can stream interactive media content even with limited bandwidth will become hot favorites for users.

Also, ancillary technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, etc. are also being perfected which will advance mobile experience farther from the present scenario.

Bringing it all Together

These are the mobile app development trends 2017 you can expect to happen in the coming year. 2017 has started with a positive note. We are expecting mobile manufacturers and app builders to surprise us with some stellar creations that will push user experience and convenience to the frontier.

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  • Firmly, IoT and wearable will be the most spotlight trends we’re likely to see in 2017 with AR already gaining huge popularity by entering real life use case using Pokemon Go!

  • Wearable technology and IOT together will be the best among the latest mobile app development trends 2017. Both are brewing new opportunities for app development companies to extend the possibilities of solving business problems and that’s true with the new found love on wearables like smartwatches, go gears and stuff

  • Context aware marketing & Interactive media content are new to mobile app development trends, Well there are a few others like big data and wearable that might also play a major role in 2017

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