Travel Blogging – How People are Earning While Travelling?

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This world is a mysterious place to live in. Everywhere we go, we tend to find a new way of life, new scenic beauties and of course new adventures which only unfolds when we travel. Travel has not just become a way of exploring new places – but a way of exploring ourselves.

That is why people today are curious to explore the unexplored and travel across places they find themselves at peace. And in this journey, the travel bloggers have come to almost set up a life, both personal and professional, in travelling.

Traveling new places, sharing the pictures, travel insights and telling people about their travel stories, these bloggers are earning while they are travelling – seems like the life of one’s dreams, but it’s real!

That is why we are listing how, why and when’s of travel bloggers for you to build up your own travel life!

1. The passion to travel

Not every person is a travel person! It takes great enthusiasm, desire and willingness to travel, the will to see a new place, wake up at odd hours to catch a view and run around in public transports or stay at a bench in the park – all are different forms of travel which everyone cannot afford to do. When we talk about travel bloggers, it isn’t about the luxurious travel stories it is about crossing miles and exploring new things on the way to live to the fullest.

2. Blogging – the big word!

The biggest change in travelling and earning while travelling comes when you blog about it! All of the travel bloggers have a blog or two in their name which they are dedicated to run. They share all their experiences, travel insights, journey synopsis, vouchers and pictures or videos on their blog to help share the word, educate people of travel stories and also bring in the much-needed awareness towards places. Blogging is all about expressing all of your experiences through written or spoken medium to spread the message of travel.

3. How difficult is it to run a blog?

Blogging is an all-time job. Unlike the fancy notions made around it blogging actually means working at odd hours and even pulling off all-nighters to bring to life the content you want to share with your followers. It is essential for the bloggers to be consistent, expressive and create engaging material to make a blog popular. A popular blog is what it takes to make the dream of travel blogging come true.

4. How to earn while travelling?

There are various offers in which travel blogging can serve as a medium to earn money. If one has a huge fan following or traffic on their website, they can monetize their content and get paid for their posts that get popular. It is upon the user engagement that people find the earning sufficient enough to serve for their costs.

5. Medium of earning in travel blogging

Travel bloggers come as an inspiration to the people for travelling safe, educated and with the right choice of places. For earning while sharing it with people travel bloggers make money through various ways:

Tying up with travel companies to promote them

Visiting specific sites and covering the areas to promote tourism – get paid here!

Promotion of travel apps, websites, etc

Speak at public events that concern travelling

Sale products like books, collectives from places around the world or even mementoes to earn money

Make money with Sponsored posts

Affiliate marketing with brands concerning travel

Freelance content writing while travelling

6. Money crunch with travel bloggers

Travel bloggers indeed aren’t the richest people in the world travelling through expensive tickets and spending nights in luxurious hotels. While earning through travel blog seems easier it isn’t a cakewalk. It takes years of dedication and mindfulness into the travelling and creating content that finally gathers up some traffic to cover up the costs.

7. Easy ways to travel

Travel bloggers find out cheap hotels, take in the discounts offered by the companies or applications to plan their journey and proceed in the best of way possible. They have the craziest of experiences with the unsolicited trips and share all of it on their blog.

Travel bloggers are living life on their edge while exploring new places and trying to make a living out of it. Its sheer hard work that they enjoy the perks of living a professional and personal life altogether wherever they go!

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