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Want To Be Amazing Casting Director? Here’s How


With the number of films being produced in India today, casting directors in Mumbai are a dime a dozen. Here are a few tips that can help you understand how to become a bollywood casting director and set you apart from the rest of the crowd:

  1. Give actors a call: A personal approach will reap rich dividends and will increase the likelihood of an actor showing up for auditions.
  2. Pick the right script: Remember to keep the lines short enough to not exhaust the actor but wide enough to test the extent of his talent.
  3. Record the sessions on camera: Remember to keep a copy of the audition tapes as it will help you to compare and contrast later.
  4. Schedule right: Ensure that auditions are evenly spaced out so that each actor is given the equal and right amount of time.
  5. Remember to take notes: There will always be a standout element to any good actors’ performance. Make note of that to get a better understanding of how he might suit the role.
  6. Always make the actor feel comfortable and allow him to be in the zone for the audition
  7. Give feedback on the performance
  8. DO NOT promise anything as an obligation may eventually prove impossible to fulfil
  9. A top tip from casting directors in Mumbai is to trust the camera in case of any confusion. The tapes never lie.
  10. Callback the best candidates and audition them again to always pick out the best
  11. Get the actor to sign a release form the moment he is finalised for a film
  12. Provide a rough idea to the actor about when you will come to your decision and always inform them of the decision personally
  13. Sometimes you may have to say no even to the best of actors. Do not reconsider or second guess yourself. It is all part of how to become a Bollywood casting director.
  14. Always keep a back up option in hand in case your first choice declines or drops out
  15. Always accompany a confirmation with a phone call to bring an actor on board.

Remember that part of being a top casting director jobs is your ability to handle stars and ability to discover talent. Always give your best and ensure that actors can trust you and feel part of the team.

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