What is the difference between the different kinds of digital agencies?


For various kinds of businesses, design has been a major part of the advertising business – regardless of whether you are creating a striking headline, strong logo or using specific colors to market your brand. It remains one of the most important hallmarks for brand visibility and the long-term success of a business.

The onset of the digital revolution of today has however increased competition among different businesses of different kinds, as they are all struggling to stay ahead of the competition. You may be a business owner and trying to get ideas of how to survive – that is where a creative agency steps in.

The problem is that you will find out many times that creative agencies are constantly overshadowed by digital agencies. You may even wonder if they are different, and what are the elements that make them distinct from each other. Before you set out on answering the question of differences and clearing up the confusion it brigs, it is important to define them first.

What is a creative agency?


These are the businesses that keep their major focus on designing, and they will regularly use outside partners such as advertisement marketing consultants so that they do their work effectively.

You will find that many times, they offer you print designs. In other words, they operate like a branding expert of sorts, and they tend to be very good at product design and marketing. They will make very good business logos, business cards, letterheads, and they will harmonize all your products to unify the branding aspect, making your business have a unique identity.

In terms of their company structure, they put more focus on their creative team, rather than marketing strategies. That means that you will find most of their employees being ‘creatives’ – graphic designers, and creative directors.

What are digital agencies?


Digital agencies on the other hand, are companies that provide you with technical, strategic, and creative development on screen-based services and products. They tend to give the client online based services, such as web development and design, search engine marketing (SEM), consultation on e-commerce matters, and online advertising.

When you are looking for a digital agency, you need to keep in mind that some of them will outsource things related to production (such as web design), and the company itself will only handle consultations. Even though this is not a bad thing, you need to ask them and confirm whether they will handle everything for you in-house or whether they will outsource certain functions, as this will determine your experience with them as well as the overall cost.

Many advertisers are increasing their focus on online advertising these days, and it is all because of the digital revolution that has seen an increase in internet and social media use, while there is a significant decrease in traditional media (broadcast, print). There is also a significant percentage of people who are now doing all their shopping online instead of physical shopping – in fact, 51 percent of them do so.

All these are reasons why many companies and businesses are now turning to digital agencies when they want to improve their marketing strategy. It not only provides you with greater reach, but also remains a cost-effective way of doing so while increasing the focus you have on a specific audience.

Here are some of the things that these agencies consider as important.

Being visible


As long as there is content from a business, it must be visible to search engines and users. If the content cannot be seen, then it cannot be indexed – and that means it will not appear when you search for it using search engines.

A digital agency wants to see the content of the company through the eyes of a search engine or a user, so they will add factors such as indexation, crawlability, as well as structuring the site for optimal traffic.

Optimizing the content

When your business has good visibility, it is going to be easier to search it up in search directories and maps, as well as other engines like voice search. For instance, a potential customer is looking for a store that sells print supplies, and your store happens to be one of many in the area. Can they find you when they search for a store near them?

Even if you have a beautiful website, it may not always be seen by potential clients, which is unfortunate. However, when you give an agency to handle the job, they can analyze the trends behind it and see where the primary audience comes from, which assists you to modify the strategy you are using and gain more traffic in the long term.



You might think about putting flashy buttons on your site in order to make it more appealing, but that may end up reducing the accessibility and navigation of your customers on your website. The information on the site needs to be structured in a logical way, and specific elements need to be labelled accordingly to better describe whatever is on the page. An agency can help you identify the mistakes you may be making on your website, and help you correct them for better efficiency.

What are the benefits of creative agencies though?

If you want to revamp your design, a creative agency is still the way to go. They will keep their focus on making sure the best aspects of your brand is in existence, resulting in very positive results when you carry out a campaign.

In fact, the companies that put more focus on building their vibrancy in creativity will have a greater market share by 1.5 times, compared to those that do not. The customer bases agree as well, many people enjoy doing business with brands they know and trust, even though there will always be other forms of advertisements popping out.

Final thoughts

What is the choice you should go for then? It all depends on what you want to achieve, as both are important in their own ways. A good visual design will help your brand identity, while digital design teams can help with optimizing your campaigns.

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