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What is Xamarin?

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned Software company, founded in 2011. It is a popular Cross-Plattform Mobile Application Development tool. You can build native apps for Andriod, iOS, and Windows with Xamarin using.NET/C#. It is the best tools to develop Native Apps because anyone who know the C# language can develop a Native Mobile App with Xamarin.

Top Features of Xamarin

Native User-Interface
It is the best Native App Development Platform for app developers to build native mobile apps. Xamarin has great native user interface & controls which allow you to create a native app.

Cross-Platform App Development
Xamarin is a perfect choice for Cross-platform app development.
allows you to build Apps for Windows, Android, and iOS & also share codes over multiple platforms.

Very Less Number of Bugs
The Xamarin provides an app with very less number of bugs. In addition, you can also enhance app performance using the Xamarin Insight. The Xamarin Insight helps to monitor and keep a record of crashes and exceptions.

API Integration
There is no need to create different API for different mobile platforms because the Xamarin allows you to use the same API to build iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

Useful CompiledCode
Xamarin allows you to generate productive and high-performing code that can access every native API. It is very easy to create the device-specific applications over different mobile platforms.

The integration process is very easy because of Xamarin. You can easily integrate Xamarin with various SDKs of specific mobile operating system. It supports different devices that mean you just need to unite and Android SDK and GDK with Xamarin Studio to create an app. Xamarin.Android supports modern devices like Google Glass, Fire phone, and Android Wear etc.

Shared Code Base
Xamarin.Form is a library which allows you to reuse the code multiple times to create native user-interface for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With Xamarin.Forms you get 40+ cross-platform layouts and controls for a complete native interface.

Xamarin Advantages

You can save a lot more time and reduce app development timeframe because Xamrin allows developers to use the share 75% of code beyond all mobile platforms. It provides Portable Class libraries which make it very easy to share the same code base for different projects. When it comes to native app development, the Xamarin has a unique approach to fulfill your needs. The Xamarin Studio (IDE) allows code completion in C# for a native performance of an application. It is the best choice build high-performance native apps and shrink the development cycle.

The advantages with Xamarin are numerous but it also has some drawbacks that you must know.

A Xamarin Developer must have knowledge of platform-specific app architecture and frameworks that have a Java/Objective-C character.

Sometimes Xamarin’s framework libraries generate extreme app file size.

It is unable to create dynamic code for iOS app development.

It has limited access to open-source libraries.

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