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WhatsApp Spying on Android – To Root or Not to Root?


As per the prerequisite for a large number of Android spy apps, one is required to root the Android devices if they want to spy on WhatsApp. Being the most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is the first app people want to gain access to when they wish to spy on someone.

The famous social networking application has more than 1.5 billion active users a month and the major reason for its popularity is it being free of cost. It might completely replace good-old text messaging in the near future.

More often than not, it is only after rooting the device the spy app for Android can properly function. Almost all of the monitoring apps support WhatsApp monitoring only after they have been rooted. But with XNSPY, you can spy WhatsApp without rooting the Android device.


Before we get into how to spy without rooting, let’s learn what exactly ‘rooting’ means. In simplest words, the process of getting to the root access or administrative privileges of the device is called rooting. The process is identical to jail-breaking of an iPhone. It involves unlocking of the OS of the Android phone so that you can bring changes to the device like replacing the firmware or uninstall pre-installed apps, improve battery life and speed, increase internal storage, etc. To sum up, one can customize their cell phones.

The root methods available for Android can be tricky and could wreak havoc on the phone. With the passage of time, the developers of Android are limiting ways to root Android phones and increasing security. One usually gets a spy app to spy on someone, their cell phone activities and whereabouts. So, it is rather implicit that the app has to be installed stealthily. Now, it may be easier to take someone’s phone with the intention of installing a spyware for few minutes but, the process of rooting takes longer – ranging from an hour to two. It is no easy feat to get hold of someone’s phone for that long and the risk of getting caught is always there. If you are willing to take that risk, you could try rooting but as mentioned earlier the process is becoming complicated with time.

That being said, it is important to know that rooting the device may have some consequences.

  • The moment you root an Android phone; its warranty is rendered void right away.
  • The second most troublesome threat of rooting is of the Android device getting ‘bricked’. To elaborate, the phone will become useless. And with the warranty gone, you cannot get it repaired either. If someone is new to rooting, chances are that they will brick the phone.
  • Those inexperienced with the act of rooting Android devices could end up losing both the speed and performance of the phone.

Considering all of the possible threats of rooting Android devices mentioned above, if any of these problems occur, won’t the person you wish to monitor know right away that it had something to do with you if it was you who had been in possession of their phone for an hour? That could throw all of your spying aspirations right out the window.

So, save yourself from the hassle and get XNSPY. The app works smoothly and stealthily on the monitored phone. XNSPY gets you everything you need such as text messages and call records to online activities of the monitored person. The new feature allows a person to spy on WhatsApp without rooting the Android device. Users can now easily access the WhatsApp chats of the person they wish to monitor.  One doesn’t have to bear the complications and hassle of rooting an Android device. Furthermore, XNSPY has also introduced a keylogging feature that records the keystrokes when apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber are used on the monitoring phone.

All you need to do is, install the app on the Android device you wish to monitor and it will begin transmitting data to you.

Happy Spying!

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