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Why Hostgator Is Best Hosting Service Provider

Why Hostgator Is Best Hosting Service Provider

Hostgator is best hosting service provider than others top hosting solution company. It’s not an easy task to talk any hosting company best. You must need to provide legal example why is it best? We think Hostgator best and now we will discuss more about it and compare with some others to get clear idea. Let’s start now with Hostgator coupon.

Why Hostgator Is Best Hosting Service Provider?

Best Site Performance

All the hostgator sites are hosted on Dual Xeon servers and it is situated on dallas. Hostgator every year spend millions of dollars for making better improved and adding new facilities to their server. Overall they improve site performance. Their servers run on latest core I 7 processors so all the sites get the latest high speed CPU performance. They also provide 99.99% uptime. So we can’t put any question about their sites performance and easily on this section hostgator is best hosting service provider.

Quick Respond Time

Hostgator servers don’t add any additional server request so sites load very fast. We also tested it by running same site on others best hosting service provider’s websites and we got less good result from them. So hostgator’s respond time is better than others also.

Best Benchmark than others

We also done a performance test on GTmatrix and compared with others best hosting company like Godaddy and we got another big point aboutpage speed performance, YSlow grade and page size.On this sector hostgator is best hosting service provider.

Great User Interface

Hostgator has a great user friendly interface. The UI is also very easy to use and can anyone easily do anything like many advanced work. Any beginners and also advanced users can use hostgator user interface from their computer without taking any suggestion.

Good Customer Service

Hostgaot customer service is also very good. They provide support by live chat, phone call, email and FAQs. So users who are looking for any answer can check FAQs and if he / she can’t find it here then can use their other support methods. Their support is 24 hours online and very responsive. So, hostgator is the best hosting service provider on customer service section also.

Service Feature Comparison

Before we discussed that server of hostgator is really good and they are using latest and highly optimized technology. On their product features they also provide best service. They always think about what people are looking for and making plans for them. So it is a good point for them. Yet, we also compared their service features with others and hostgator is slightly better than others. They become good for their cheap services. From the starter pack to Pro pack everyone gets cheap service also.

So we got lots of reasons why hostgator is best hosting service provider in the whole world. Now we can easily declare them best but it is not for lifetime because tomorrow any other hosting company can do better than it.

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