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WordPress 4.7 Features and Benefits

WordPress 4.7 features and benefits

WordPress includes all essential and great features that you need to create a fully-featured and dynamic website. Recently, WordPress has made significant changes to make it more easy to use and secure. These updates majorly added to enhance the interactivity of the website. Here are some WordPress 4.7 features:

Improve Post Editor
The post editor is the most useful and excessively used by everyone. After the frequent updates, it is finally got some major changes such as keyboard shortcuts in drop down and tool tips.

Video Header Support for Themes
Many free WordPress themes already support video header that you can use to add full-screen videos. In addition, You can also upload MP4 videos to your website and Youtube videos as well.

Admin Language Control
WordPress made some useful updates to its admin language panel where a user can switch the language from their profile after installing languages. Apart from the language panel updates, WordPress has also provided some updates that help to improve the performance of a website.

You can change languages from

Custom CSS
WordPress 4.7 allows you to add custom CSS to your theme from via the theme customizer.

Updated Default Theme
The new theme updated in the WordPress 4.7 which is very beneficial special for the new users. They can use this beautiful and responsive theme to start their attractive website or blog easily. This theme includes some very impressive features such fresh typography, mobile first design, pictures, and full-screen header video.

Updated Media Libraries
The updated media libraries support file name based search, unlike the old media libraries. This type of search makes it easy to find images very easily. You can also find pdf quickly with the thumbnail preview facility.

Improve Theme & site setup flow
WordPress 4.7 has the improve interface for themes. You will get a very impressive view of the installed themes.

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