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Castles are made in the air but not the history, food is made in the fair but not the recipe and thus architecture is made with the pairs but not the dignity” it’s an evolution to creation, the justice to selfrealisation but an answer to socialization yet a loyalty to spatial differentiation. It’s a reflection of emotions to enhance those few and result in the better justification. A pause to realise the creation, of not just the space but the entire province.

It has a relation with its user like that of the sky and the sea, they never meet, but the other end up reflecting it in a perfect way. Because the patron has the key to define the destiny, cement the bridge and the gateway to other’s pinch. They share the interdependency but misguided by the provisional legacy. And thus lies the reality where the start and the end has the different probability to make the equation for equating the foremost priority. The derivations are made but not delivered to every entity unless they get the personal chance to reveal it in their category. And this isn’t the new difficulty rather an old. May be from Eiffel’s history or yet an ancient mystery continues to be a concern in the 21st Century. The blame does not goes to the tea or coffee and neither the ingredients but the process by which they have been worked.

The field of architecture is diverse and multidisciplinary that it cannot be worked out in a single go neither can derive the results in the same flow. It is versatile and has to be versed well with proper profile. It isn’t just to listen and sign the deal but to listen and realise the need. Not just a work of thee but a work to be worked who wants to serve the world with their minimal fee. And it’s not easy, to return the rest in the coming test with the burden to be the best.

But it’s easy for those who bridges’ the gap! The gap of Communication, Understanding and Creation.

The major are the changes and minor being few these are the observation that gives the clues.

  • Evolution: Few of the architects make things just to deliver and not to satisfy, whereas most of the clients come with a design to replicate the old one and does not wait for creating something new for their own world.

  • Time: Yes it’s precious! That everyone is in haste neither they want to spend much on their demand nor the designer want to spend on them due to other projects.

  • Thoughts: Different people have different thoughts. E.g. A businessman only knows to earn and spend without realising the sensitivity and yet an architect aware of the situation doesn’t accept it as challenge to develop a sensitive approach in them.

  • Priority: Each man visiting an architect has a set of priorities which they want to be created in lieu of their demands and they ignore the best that can be delivered without accepting the opinion which could satisfy their inner command.

  • Interest: An architect though stuck in cabin fever rather feels why I should speak about my upcoming thoughts and ideas to one who has less or no knowledge to the field and would give me no returns while the client feels why I should indulge in this kind of profession when I am hiring a renowned architect.

  • Fear: An architect feels if I will reveal more about my creative thoughts then the client would demand for more in the same fee which would result in more hard work and more rejections.

  • Status: An architect is forced to do what client has asked because that would dignify the status of the client but can degrade the status of real architecture. And just for the sake of bread and butter the architects does not open up for the right thing.

  • Spatial development: Most of the times the piece of architecture that is made is best but is not in response to the entire province which does not attract the most people to it.

  • Wrong interpretations: Many a times’ best architecture is developed in the wrong locality which results it as a useless place. E.g.: opening of KFC outlet in a region of people prone to vegetarian food.

  • Hierarchy: Architecture is not just a work of a sculptor but that of an administrator who has to manage everything just to see things get perfect. But unfortunately this truth is not realised by many of the clients which results in the sour memory to his mind, for the creator.

  • Orator: Not every architect is a good orator to its designs which misguides and dejects the client which leads to hire the other person for creation.

  • Awareness: Not everyone is aware that architecture can really create wonders and usable yet profitable spaces. E.g. A builder wants to create a cafeteria in a resort for people to have a communicating space but due to budget he leaves the idea but on contrary if he designs a space for a food MNC joint that would serve his purpose also and will allow him to earn from it. Thus creating profitable spaces.

The above are the points that has to be considered because many a times architects answer to the problems but that are usually the Band-Aid and not a solution but for the solution these are the problems that are must to be considered and self-analysed at every stage of architectural development.

  • Understanding: The foremost thing that an architect should do is to understand the client without letting him much to speak and to realise what kind of outcome he wants and this relates to understanding the behaviour of the person. Though it is difficult for many yet easy for few. Because architecture is all about creating the spaces for a third person so understanding his tints and shades is must.

  • User friendly: Yes architecture is difficult because it deals with various kinds of people and each with a new thought an approach but combination of their thoughts and our design is a must to satisfy the both. And this incorporates patience which is the weakness of many thus resulting in half-hearted results.

  • Sensitivity: Many a times best appealing spaces are created but that is not the requirement of the client though they are also happy with it but it does not give that best satisfaction. And that is the cause when designs are not made in the sensitive approach because at the end architecture is all about creating sensitive spaces with technical approach.

  • Lack of knowledge: Lack or no knowledge in the field of sociology and psychology. Architecture is all about creating spaces in response to the behaviour, habits and need of the environment and ironically each architect is aware of this reality yet they ignore it most of the times.

True that “Necessity is the mother of invention and money being the blood of life” but if only that was architecture then architects would have died because it’s all about satisfaction of the soul which nobody would deny.

Because each one of them, be it an architect or the lay man sets their sail in the ocean of creation but end up landing on the desert due to above or other more reasons.

But that is not the end to my discussion where the problems are criticised without even the solutions, though problems provide the brief of existing architectural life which should not be practised further in life whereas solutions are there some tested and verified and other being suggestions that has to worked while the profession is about to reach cloud nine or its the square line.

  • Being third party: An architect should always behave like a third party that has no interest in the background of the client yet interested to know the kind of a person they are away from social life but towards their inner life.

  • Reading: The architect should keep on reading new journals, newsletters and other things because a study says that the more you read and know is the more you speak and let it flow.

  • Research paper: An architect should develop a habit of writing a research paper which would help them in their profession and would eager them to know more about the things and would allow them to communicate more with the local for the same.

  • Travelling: An architect should develop the approach to travel like the wanderer who visualize the things in a new way and is alone yet confined by the provided knowledge by the other people which would again lead him to search and inquire more.

  • Community participation: When some new project is to arrive at city level then the conference with common man should be invited for allowing them to put up their views which could result in new ways with the same profile.

  • Involvement of people: Many of the get together are held for the recognizing of the best creations which are limited to architects’ file. But those creations should be served with the lay man’s life to allow them to understand the real architectures’ life.

  • Changing the design approach: While at the stage of student level the design should be made according to the dummy client and could be graded if the student has satisfied the dummy client. Because this would lead to interactions and understanding the concept of real people at initial time.

  • Introduction of subject: Few interesting subjects to understand the human behaviour could be incorporated at student level to allow them to have a basic understanding of the coming client.

But above all this what could be the state of an architects’ and a common man’s life?

An architect has to be a person who is dedicated to deliver the client with his requirements and design yet delivering a building to architectures’ file with the burden of deadlines and the friendships with patience, stubbornness, dignity and divine.

And a common has to learn to listen to their mind but believing in the creators mind by providing ideas from everyone’s mind.

I know its miles to go before I reach the destination where the “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” A quote by Pablo Picasso.

But its start has been approached.

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